Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi

Although, morning, noon, or night, there will always be people sitting on small plastic stools on the sidewalk in Hanoi drinking coffee. From the iconic “Ca phe sua da” to strong black coffee spiced with cinnamon and cold brew, Hanoi has it all. But today, it’s the time to enjoy a cup of “cà phê trứng” or egg coffee, a Hanoi specialty in which a creamy soft, meringue-like egg white foam is perched on dense Vietnamese coffee. Your trip to Hanoi would never be perfect without this unique cup! Here are a few places to find the best egg coffee shops in Hanoi.

Giang Café

Giang Cafe is a cozy place hidden in the narrow streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter. The architectural style of the site reflects an encouraging blend of Western and Asian influences. The cafe is famous for its egg coffee, surprisingly delicious and unique. At first sip, you will feel a noticeable smell and flavor of eggs. The taste, however, is like a sweet, luxurious, and ultra-creamy dessert—the egg thickens the already-sweet drink, resulting in what’s often described as liquid tiramisu. Cafe Lam is undoubtedly a great place to relax, enjoy some music and have a cup of coffee or hot egg chocolate.

Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Best coffee shops in Hanoi cafe Giang Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi
Photo: Giang Coffee

Cafe Pho Co

Ca Phe Pho Co lies in Hanoi’s old quarter’s narrow, cobbled streets. The cafe offers its customers a selection of Vietnamese coffee, tea, and juice that suit all different tastes. The freshest coffee beans brew to create great cups of coffee characterized by a robust and flavorful aroma. From the rooftop of Cafe Pho Co the picturesque views of the Hoan Kiem lake spread far and wide.

Address: 11 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Best coffee shops in Hanoi Cafe Pho Co Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi
Photo: Ca phe Pho Co

Cafe Lam

Located in Nguyen Huu Huan street, which is a popular tourist area, Café Lam is known as one of the three oldest coffee shops in town. It’s famous for a signature pleasant, complimenting taste of roasted coffee. 

Yolk egg was machine-whisked at high speed, then poured over an extremely hot filtered coffee liquor to make a cheap but unique drink, priced at VND25,000 (US$1.07) or just one dollar. 

The coffee shop features a nostalgic ambient with tiny wooden chairs and tables and a precious painting collection by Vietnamese famous painters hanging around the walls to entertain clients. Café Lam opens its door from 7 am to 11 pm daily.

Best coffee shops in Hanoi Ca phe Lam 1 Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi
Photo: Lam Coffee

Đinh Café

Just a two-minute walk from the Hoan Kiem Lake, you will find the best coffee in Hanoi, Dinh coffee. Welcoming visitors since the 1990s, this café is located on the second floor of an old house with French architecture, with a small balcony offering a view of Ngoc Son temple. The coffee shop is famous for its egg coffee and black Vietnamese coffee. Interestingly, the shop owner is one of the Giang coffee owner’s sons. Visiting the shop, you still can see many black and white family photos hanging on the wall.

 Address: 13 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Best coffee shops in Hanoi Dinh Cafe Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi
Photo: Dinh Coffee

The Note Cafe

Hot and cold drinks, very cute little cafe. Upstairs is tiny, but also a little balcony. Write some notes for your fellow coffee drinkers! As you enter the shop, the draw of this place is apparent. There are hundreds of thousands of notes left by visitors from all over the world. The entire coffee shop, over 4 floors, is plastered with small cute sticky notes. Most notes boast inspirational quotes and life lessons, with the odd one or two rude funnies to make you giggle. You could easily spend hours roaming the cafe and reading the wise words of fellow travelers from around the world. Whilst you’re at it, be sure to create your mark by writing out your own mantra to share with the world.

Address: 64 Luong Van Can

Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi Best egg coffee shops in Hanoi
Photo: The Note Coffee

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