The Best Vegan Food and Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi

Something about vegetarianism in Vietnam

Starting from southern India, vegetarianism has now become more popular with many ages in Vietnam. Because most of Vietnamese are aware of the importance of vegetarian food for their health not only providing proper nutrients but also avoiding many diseases 

In the past, people thought that vegetarian referred to the spare meals of Buddhist, temple and spiritual practitioners.  But today vegetarianism is spread through some European countries, not only Buddhist countries

Basically, the term Vegans used to refer to people who don’t eat anything related to and derived from animals, even some items derived from animals such as leather, fur, ivory, silk,…

Vegetarian food is very rich in taste and processing, but in each country, they have different recipes for making vegetarian food, even many restaurants in the same country have served diners with different cuisine. However, the similarity among the recipes, vegetarian food is that there is no meat, so many green vegetables and organic food is added for boosting the nutrients and flavour of the meal

Some opinions thought that vegetarian will cause some problems involving in health, but in fact scientific evidences prove that vegetarian food is so beneficial to the health, protect your health, purify your soul, gentle to enter the uncircumcised because vegetarian food is high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and help purify the body , eliminate toxins in the body

So where can we find best places to get these healthy foods? Let’s follow the list below.

Vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Hanoi

1.Bun Bo Nam Bo

  • 67 Hàng Điếu, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

This dish is served for both people not  on diet and dieter .This means that you can order vegetarian option. However, many reviews say that the vegetarian option is actually vegetarian (or a least vegetarian + fish sauce) and that the broth served with the noodles is not made from meat stock.

If you have just been in Hanoi, you can practise some words like “ tôi ăn chay” and staff there may understand what you mean and serve vegetarian food for you .Or not, you only say “ vegetarian” and some of them can speak English and understand you.

After being served a delicious bowl of meat (sad face), it was quickly swapped for a bowl of vegetables after I received the message. Vietnamese Vermicelli can be my favorite meal all over the world, and I was very happy to dig into a hearty and delicious bowl of noodles, on top of a handful of peanuts, cilantro and fried chives.

The sauce at the bottom of the bowl did not taste like it came from meat – more likely it is a mixture of fish sauce, lime juice and sugar, which is typical in Bun Bo.

2.Noodle & Roll

  • 39c Lý Quốc Sư, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

This became my go-to Hanoi restaurant when I wanted a tasty budget vegetarian meal.

If you want a rich bowl of noodles without having difficulty negotiating beef choices, wander down to Noodle & Roll. They have many vegetarian options of suitable size, but my favorite is their satisfying Bun Chay. Like most Buns, it is lined up with fresh vegetables, herbs and crushed peanuts, but it also comes with crisp fried tofu. I can happily eat this dish every day. Vegetarian pho is also delicious.

3.Pizza 4 Ps

  • 24 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Also at: 43 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Although I have not eaten here because I do not like cheese and the price is a little expensive, this place still  gets positive reviews about the authentic thin- crust pizza and a lot of options for vegetarians.  

If you are a Pizza fan, don’t miss this place. 

If you eat at Pizza 4Ps please comment below and let us know how it was.

4.Bo De Quan

Another place for dieters at 164 Âu Cơ, Tay Ho district, here is famous for fried spring rolls and you can feel the passion,  love for the chef about cuisine whenever you enjoy. Moreover, be sure to try their banana soup- such a unique and delicious creation


  • Located on 33 To Ngoc Van

Daluva is always a wonderful dining experience. While not a vegetarian restaurant, Shay, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about food. The artful menu is has vegetarian dishes labeled, making the vegetarian feel at ease. Asking for modifications on the menu, and vegan recommendations is never a problem; Shay is extremely accommodating. The falafel is always a treat, and there are often specials being featured weekly, as well as special events, such as wine tasting on Fridays nights.

Located on 33 To Ngoc Van, Daluva is always a great culinary experience. In spite of  not a vegetarian restaurant, Shay, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about food. The art menu has labeled vegetarian dishes, making vegetarian people feel comfortable. Requesting modifications on menus, and vegan recommendations are  never a problem; Shay is very accommodating. Falafel is always a treat, and there are often specials that are featured weekly, as well as special events, such as tasting wines on Friday nights.

6. Nang tam-vegetarian restaurant – A loving place for peaceful souls

“Nang tam” is among one of the famous for vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi, not only a place drawing attention to the locals but also foreigners enjoying the art of cuisine 

The main ingredients used are often outstanding and mild in flavour such as cauliflower, banana, blossom, tofu, zucchini, mushrooms,

The diversity  of food choice is always cared, which makes a great thing when restaurant serves many famous non-vegetarian Vietnamese dishes

If you are a vegan or not, you may try to enjoy the dishes in this restaurant, I am sure the flavour  will not let you down

  • Price: Mid-range
  • Address:79A Tran Hung Dao street
  • Opening hours: 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM

7. Banh mi 25

Vegetarian street food in Hanoi

How to turn street food in Hanoi become vegetarian food

  • Vegetarian culture in hanoi always exists parallel in both vegetarian restaurants and street ones. If you like to admire the sightseeing in Hanoi meanwhile enjoying the street food, vegetarian street food is not a bad idea.
  • First, when you go to any cafeteria, you should not tell the waiter that you are a vegetarian, but add the word without meat after each dish. If you can’t pronounce it, write it down and give it to them 
  • If you are a vegetarian, you must know soy sauce- the important ingredient in vegetarian food, but not every food item has soy sauce , so to be sure , you can bring a bottle of soy sauce in the pocket and ask the chef not to add fish sauce into the dish

Here are some vegetarian/vegan versions of Hanoi street food:

1, Pho Cuon (roll) with egg

Vegetarian Pho Cuon is a dish made from fried egg and raw vegetables.

A normal Pho Cuon is made from square beef rolls and raw vegetables. But for vegetarian pho cuon,  fried egg can be substituted for beef, which is widely accepted by vegetarians, because the flavour of this dish doesn’t change, still attractive At Pho Cuon stalls, you can also order fried Pho and fried corn which also are attractive vegetarian dishes.

2, Banh mi trung ( Vietnamese sandwiches with egg)

A lighter version of the most popular Vietnamese street food for vegetarians

A lighter version of the most popular Vietnamese street food for vegetarians

Maybe it is a popular dish for all Vietnamese, not only vegetarians. The main ingredients used here are fried egg and cucumber, onions, chili sauce, instead of meat 

You can try, the taste is still attractive

Read more: Vietnamese sandwiches- Where you can taste the best banh mi in Hanoi

3, Xoi – Sticky rice

 Colorful vegan sticky rice
Colorful vegan sticky rice

Nowadays , Xoi is a dish many people really like not only its flavour, but its side dishes , if you are on diet and do not want to eat meat, you can completely order with peanuts, green beans or eggs, In summary , there are so many choices for you. One more I recommend  the side dish of Xoi that Vietnamese really love is ice cream. Trust me, this is the best dessert ever .

4.Green Papaya Salad / Nom Du Du

Papaya is a very healthy food, based on that, people have invented Nom Du Du with the main ingredient : papaya, roasted peanuts on top with special sauce( made of vinegar, honey and a little fish sauce )  and a generous portion of leafy green herbs., creating a unforgettable taste for diners

Fresh papaya salad piled high with peanuts.

5.Steamed Noodles / Banh Cuon

With my stomach prepared with papaya salad, we are ready to go on, through the western side of Hoan Kiem. Here, we find another non-searchable booth. Outside, a woman is dipping  in a large bowl that looks like sandpaper and then spreads it onto a blank layer of skin

Banh Cuon is prepared on a silk skin above steaming pots of water.

In reality, the thin batter is a combination of fine rice flour and water, the basis of Banh Cuon. Banh Cuon literally means “steamed bread” and this is exactly what was happening.

The cook spread the thin layer of batter onto a porous silk porous skin which is balanced above a pot of boiling water skin which is balanced above a pot of boiling water. Steam rises through the skin and cooks smooth noodles, the size and shape of a pancake – but much thinner. Finally, the chef removes the noodles from the skin and adds it to the sticky noodles.

Banh Cuon is simple and surprisingly tasty.

 Normally, diners often order an approach of banh cuon added pork inside. For vegetarians, Banh Cuon is topped with fried crispy  onions.

As with most foods in Vietnam, the sauce plays an important role in flavour of the dish and banh cuon is too.  Banh Cuon is paired with a sauce of rice vinegar, water, and (yup, you guessed it) fish sauce. Thin sliced oysters are added for a bit of crispy freshness and basket of de Rigueur herbs to add the final touch.

6.Coconut Rolls / Bo Bia

Surely, this name is so strange for tourists, if you have ever wondered what Bo Bia is, now you know

This is your man for Bo Bia in Hanoi.

 Simply, the base is a pack of corn flour, thin and elastic, like rice paper. Next is a layer of crispy sugarcane, finely ground coconut and sprinkled with black sesame. Wrap it all and you have a small yum tube.

That sounds attractive, right ? Imagine you just walked around the old town while sipping some pumpkin, that feeling is hard to describe.

7.Mixed Fruit Salad / Hoa Qua Dam

When I travelled in Asia, I did not enjoy the “really” fresh fruit until I have tried my new favourite Vietnamese food, Hoa qua dam or mixed fruit salad. Miss Moon introduced me a popular store where locals and tourists often eat  

Cool and refreshing fruit salad from a Hanoi street stall.

The fruits in my bowl include bananas, watermelon, papaya, melon, jackfruit, longan, and avocado, plus a cassava nut as you have in a bubble tea cup. These are all topped with a generous mixture of coconut milk and condensed milk, creating a sweet creamy sauce.

It is served with a separate container of crushed ice, in order to coolen the bowl, control the sweet of condensed milk 

Your mission is only to mix up together and enjoy the most refreshing dessert you’ve ever eaten.

Hanoi traveller’s tip: 

Eating ice is a problem you are worried because you are not supposed to drink the water here. Almost of food stalls used manufactured from industrial suppliers. If the ice you are served is a tube with a hole in the middle , it is safe and Miss Moon is sure that ice in Hoa qua dam stall is safe because it’s made from bottled water.

>>>>Hanoi vegetarian street food tour<<<

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan and you want to discover the street food culture of Hanoi, take a look at our vegetarian/vegan street food tour

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