• Dien Hong Flower Garden

    Le CongSeptember 7, 2023

    In the heart of Hanoi French Quarter, lies a small and beautiful project that has existed for over a hundred years – the Con Coc Flower Garden, also known as the Dien Hong Flower Garden. This French architectural complex, located only about 300m from Hoan Kiem Lake, includes the State Bank, the Government Guest House, and the old Métropole hotel.

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    The Dien Hong Flower Garden was built to commemorate Léon Jean Laurent Chavassieux, the Deputy Governor General of Indochina at that time. In 1897, the French opened a selection of drawings to find the most perfect design for this project, with a total estimated cost of 3,250 Indochinese silver coins. The current project, located in the middle of the Chavassieux flower garden, was built from the design of architect Harlay and contractor Guillaume.

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    People play sports around the Dien Hong Flower Garden every afternoon.

    The flower garden is located at the intersection area between Ngo Quyen, Le Thach, and Ly Thai To streets. When it was first put into use in 1901, the area around this building was called Chavassieux Square. In 1945, it was renamed Dien Hong flower garden.

    The Dien Hong Flower Garden with the view of the Metropole Hotel

    The circular fountain located in the middle of the garden is surrounded by a large square stone pillar about 3.5 meters high. This monument is adapted from the Roman style, using the typical Ionic column form. The column’s head has two spiral arches, and the moldings running along the body of the column are the embodiment of the Doric column style. This classic column is known for its strong and sturdy appearance and is commonly used in temples of ancient gods in Europe.

    The fountain is also known for its special feature of four toads spraying water around, hence the name Toad Flower Garden. The fountain still retains its ancient beauty after 121 years of existence, and it is the oldest fountain in Hanoi.

    Dien Hong Flower Garden 2022

    Over time, the project has deteriorated, and the authorities have anchored steel ropes around it to protect it. Some items have peeled off and subsided, mixed with many types of tiles such as coconut leaf tiles, and block tiles mixed with stone. Despite this, the Dien Hong Flower Garden remains a beautiful and historical landmark in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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    Dien Hong Flower Garden (2023)