5 Tips for Crossing the Street in Vietnam by Local guide

Many foreigners are so surprised at traffic whenever they come to Vietnam, so noisy, so many transports, so much exhaust fume, so on,, .They also share that they are really afraid of crossing in the big cities in the north with high vehicle density. Their feelings when crossing the street is understandable. Don’t worry, from the perspective of local people with long-term living  experience in big cities we will share you some tips that help you to overcome this fear. 

1. Enlist the help of a local. 

Vietnamese people are always friendly and get ready to help you cross the road with their enthusiasm 

2. Commit yourself. 

Look around when you cross the street, sometimes turning back can be more dangerous than continuing.

3. Walk at at regular speed and don’t dart through traffic.

Take a straight line and look at the incoming traffic. Unlike the home where traffic gets to you, traffic in Vietnam will flow around  you 

4. Put your arm in the air. 

This is the signal many locals often utilize to indicate that you are crossing the street and hope the vehicles around to look out for you 

5. Look out for buses and cars. 

To get ready for any situation, especially buses and cars in the street, because they are big, fast and generally don’t stop for anything or anyone

After your feet landed in the other side of the street, just exhale and relax. You have crossed safely!

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