“​The reason why u won’t let go of what’s making you sad is because it’s the only thing makes u happy.”

– ​Dawn

​About ​Dawn

​Dawn Profile​

​​Hi! I’m energetic Dawn. I have been working as a travel consultant at Onetrip with local for months. Being a tour guide is what I have pursued since my childhood. I love eating, sharing, adventuring and especially traveling.

For me, sharing is learning from others, traveling is broadening our minds and adventuring is discovering the best of ourselves. I have an undying love and pride for Vietnamese cuisine, history, culture and people here.

And, Of course, I know where to get Hanoi delicacies and I would love to show you the hidden Hanoi for your best experience ever. Besides, with a strong passion for writing as well, I am putting my first steps on writing travel tips, attractions and food. Hold my hands, follow me and I will take you to the land of gratification and happiness.

​My ​blog post

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