Motorcycle is the main means of transportation in Vietnam, and it must be a ton of fun if get around Hanoi and visit famous stop over sites.One simply needs to board behind the back of the driver, put the helmet on and get ready to experience traffic to be local people. After keeping enjoying walking street food tour which you’ll explore Hanoi cuisine and enjoy relaxing time with cold beer or egg coffee

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Please note that there is a 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance.

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“​​When you go to Vietnam, there is nothing better than someone who can be there and tell you what have been really going on like..- for sure it’s hard to find local who speaks English.. But then with one trip. I met Zel. She was brilliant, understanding, enthusiastic, honest, and she has integrity. She came 30 mins earlier. Wow she is one great future generation for Hanoi. We are so thankful for this trip, and also it is cheap!! Super recommended!Thankyou onetrip, Thankyou Zel.

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​Rosie and Haley brought us to really delicious spots and answered every questions we asked. The tour was the perfect mixture of food and drinks and if you share the food with somebody you can try even more. The girls also provided some information about the ingredients and the city in general.

There was always a vegetarian option and if not the girls asked for one. All in all we had an amazing afternoon, thank you!

​​ Amazing Hanoi Scooter Tour with One Trip

​Today we did a sightseeing tour on a motorbike. We only planned one day in Hanoi and we wanted to see many things. We thought we had to choose between the activities but then this tour came by. This tour lets you see the highlights of Hanoi and you’ll be getting the full, thrilling experience on the back of a motorbike.

We stopped at every highlight thats within Hanoi and got to hear many interesting stories that make Hanoi even better! For me the highlight was the food. We went to a non-tourist spot that was hiding behind a market where many locals were eating. We ate among other things snails, snakes ‘bamboo shout’. This tour was the perfect way to really experience Hanoi and I would recommend it to everyone who is visiting this amazing city.

​​ Great sightseeing with motorbike tour

​​Hanoi Scooter Tour with Hotel Pickup

​ West Lake Hidden Gems in 4.5 Hours

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The best way to get around Hanoi – no doubtWe started our scooter tour at 2pm. All our guides were very polite and spoke English. We had lunch and visited many landmarks of the city, before starting our foodie tour. We tried all the best Hanoi has to offer. The tour was excellent, we learned a lot and ate delicious food!

​Excellent motor bike food tour with ​OnetripWent around Hanoi to the various hot spots with Mango on the motorbikes.Very fun riding around and absolutely excellent food.I feel we probably wouldn’t have ever visited many of the places we ate at otherwise so this was definitely worth while. We also got really good commentary on the food and history as we went.

Motor bike tourThis is an amazing trip we had. The tour guides were very engaging and knowledgeable. They were very friendly and we learnt a lot about Vietnam and not just the tour.I would highly recommend this tour to any one who has half a day to spare which would give you a good insight to Vietnam’s history, place and food.

Great tour around Hanoi!My friends and I had an amazing time with the girls from the tour. Never felt so spoiled in my life! I really enjoy their company, the way they organized the tour and the food we got. It was delicious. They know where to take you and you will always feel safe with them. Can’t experience Hanoi without having a scooter ride!

Wonderful food and a great tour guideMango was our tour guide and this was perhaps the best tour of our family vacation. I was a bit skeptical riding on the back of a scooter with a guide half my size but after the first few minutes, Mango and her crew had my family of 5 ripping through the city with the greatest of ease. We stopped off at only 7 spots (we had to end early because of other commitments) but every place visited was exceptional and worth a return visit. Make sure you ask Mango to take you for egg coffee and “happy water”! Overall – a great experience with wonderful food and people.

BEST TOUR EVER!We took this tour and our expectations where by far exceeded!We rode on the back of the motorbike and it was the best experience!!!! Mango and Ha our guides are the best very professional!We TOTALLY recommend it!! You will have a very great time! You eat delicious and you get to know Hanoi and Vietnamese culture!

Bloody Fun!We (me, & my sons aged 20 & 21) were recommended a motorbike tour in Hanoi by a friend who had been – it was the first thing we should do. My son found Motorbike City Tours on Trip Advisor which we booked from the UK. So we arrived early morning in Hanoi and 4 hours later we were astride a bike riding pillion with Ang, Pai & Dory. They were students who were professional, safe, and provided a fascinating insight into the world of Hanoi. An amazing photo safari too. We were fed and watered. Loved the egg coffee, which we never found again – do try. Hilarious experience. And the 4.5 hours flew by… As my friend had said ‘It was bloody fun!!’ Thank you Ang, Pai & Dory for our wild introduction to Vietnam. Will always be remembered 🙂

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