Why this tour is awesome?

Northern Vietnamese cuisine remains an unlocked mystery to most. Forget what you know about Vietnamese food. Our 3-hours street food tour will blow you away. You won’t be trying Pho again on this amazing tour. Get to know the secrets behind regional cuisine and over 1000-year culture; try specialties and drinks like sticky rice, beef salad noodles, grilled pork with vermicelli, Vietnamese sandwich, egg coffee and so on…

Bounce around 9+ stops tasting signature dishes at street vendors that only locals know. Hop off the well-trodden tourist route and dive into the authentic Hanoi foodie scene.

Besides the food, we will feed you an insight into Vietnamese ancient culture and religion; discover the hidden Hanoi for your best trip.

This will be the most fun local dining night you will ever experience in Vietnam.

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Try Banh My


Eat Pho


go to long bien


The restaurants are multi-generation-old – this says a lot why they are favorites for Vietnamese foodies. They are family-run, small and intimate. other stops are outdoor kitchens on a street.

Why as many as 9? there are numerous types of dishes in Hanoi to choose, and of course, we want you to try the best restaurant of its kind for your best cuisine explosion in Hanoi.

This temple is local sacred place which is really peaceful and quiet. Strolling around the temple’s ground, and seeing the illuminated pagoda are such amazing experiences.

We do not only feed you food, we also provide you fascinating facts and tales about neighborhood while dining and visiting the historical sites. 

Dining on the street sided by traffic and pedestrian in the bustling Hanoi Old Quarter is unique experience. Undoubtedly, the food is safe and the way it is cooked is very eye-catching.

If you like exploring the mysterious things, Hanoi was born for you. In Hanoi, there are a ton of  hidden small alley and more intriguingly, they reflect the real life of Hanoian working class.

This market is most active at night. chitchatting through the bustling market. See the explosion of local goods.

1/ Banh mi: the best Vietnamese Sandwich to Fall in Love With

For snack lovers, Banh My Hanoi is a can’t miss option during Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour.

Banh mi was introduced to Vietnam by French. The name “Banh” was from the French word “pain”. The original one was with pork or chicken liver pate, sliced toasted bread with pate, some small pieces of tomato and a little herb. And then Vietnamese created the new Vietnamese bread with pork sausage, coriander leaf, cucumber, pickled carrots, and mayonnaise. There’re different kinds of Banh Mi for you to choose, but the most delicious one is banh mi with chicken or with pork but we also have a vegetarian option such as banh mi with mushroom or tofu.

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2/ O mai - mut (dried candied fruits)

O mai – mut is the childhood snack of Vietnamese kids and plays the key role on traditional New year holiday.

O Mai (Salty or candied dried fruits) which is an outstanding appetizer to get for your time in Hanoi has continuously been identified as a popular Vietnamese snack. Owing to details of materials along with the family passed-down recipe, O Mai appears to be a specialty of Hanoi.

O Mai is a perfect combination of the sourness, saltiness, spicy along with natural sweetness, which is preferred by almost all Vietnamese, especially women and children. Hanoi is well-known for numerous sorts of scrumptious tasty sugared dry fruits, from tropical ones which are mango, peach, yellow young lime, apricots, plums and exotic ones which are kiwi, cherries or strawberries. All of those fruits are seasonal with completely outstanding identities.

The variation of O Mai’s flavor from sour, cozy, salty to sweet has captivated many Hanoi visitors.

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3/ Bun bo Nam bo (Southern beef salad noodles)

Bun bo Nam bo won the first place in the list of street food of almost all Hanoi tourists because of its unique texture and flavor. 

Fun fact :Despite the name of this dish relating to the south- Nam bo, – bun indicates “noodle”, bo indicates “beef”, and also nam bo suggests “the south” – some believe that it actually originated in Hanoi, with the nam bo in its name just highlighting that the recipe follows the southern-style– is dry noodles without broth. Whatever its true beginnings, it’s an absolutely tasty meal and also something you need to try while in Hanoi.

Beef salad noodles is a unique combination of sour rice vinegar, salty fish sauce as well as fried onion, fresh vegetables and stir-fried beef and additionally much more. This is no doubt an appealing dish to customers because of its freshness, uniqueness, simplicity, and deliciousness.

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4/ Banh Cuon (rolled steamed Vietnamese pancake)

Dated back to centuries ago, Banh cuon was invented by Hanoi farmers as an offering to the King and the King was really into this soft thin cake.

Banh cuon is known as a Northern Vietnamese delicacy especially Hanoi.

Right in front of customers is a big plate of Banh cuon and toppings. Banh cuon is a thin rice pancake stuffed with stir-fried minced pork, finely chopped wood ear mushrooms and spring green union; on top of Banh cuon is fried crunchy shallots. there is also a small bowl of nuoc cham, a fish-sauce-based dipping sauce, additionally fresh natural herbs. A little woody in texture, banh cuon ranks top in must-go morning meal as well as a night pick-me-up with local.

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5/ Nom Bo Kho - Dried Beef Salad

Dried beef salad is a popular and delicious and fresh snack among the young in Vietnam. Your night strolling with friends will not be perfect without Dried beef salad.

It has gradually become familiar and must-try street food. Enjoying the subtly spicy flavor of chili, the spicy sweetness of the dried beef, the crunch of pickled green papaya, the fragrance of fresh herbs and the nutty taste of fried peanut, you are going to comprehend how far-reaching its coverage is. A vibrant dish with interesting taste and aroma definitely satisfies all customers.

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6/ King roti

If you are an sweet tooth person, how can you miss fragrant King Roti? Though you maybe queue in a long line waiting for you turn.

Inside the soft as well as oily filling, the crust before baking is covered with unique lotion.

When baking, the cream will melt and also penetrate deep right into the crust to produce a particular fragrance combined in the air, the enthusiastic coffee taste combined with the pale aroma of cheese and yellow butter. 

4 flavors of King Roti: 

– Delicious Chocolate Coffee Bun

– Matcha Bun

– Vanilla Bun

– Salty Cheese Coffee Bun

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7/ Hoa qua dam (mixed fruits)

It is such an big shortcoming not trying mixed fruits for your time in Hanoi. This dish is overwhelmingly impressive mixture of tons of typical tropical fruits.

Hoa Qua Dam is a popular dessert in Vietnam. It’s basically numerous sorts of fruit positioned in a glass and soaked in sweetened milk. People consume it by mixing mashed ice with the chopped fruits to make a freezing, milklike mix.

You’ll understand if you have actually got a good glass of Hoa qua dam if there’s a great deal of fruit mixed in, such as watermelon, custard apple, mango, avocado, gold melon, jackfruit as well as additionally longan. The types of fruits will be furthermore seasonal.

In Hanoi, To Tich street is famous for  Hoa qua dam. It’s now a prominent hangout of Hanoi young people as well as tourists.

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8/ Egg coffee

It can say that egg coffee puts the Vietnamese coffee on the map and it will blow you away with the bizarre but delicious taste ! 

Fun question : Is Egg Coffee Safe?

Answer: Coffee at hot enough temperature levels can bring your egg as much as a safe and secure level, yet it’s not foolproof. The safest way to try egg coffee is to buy pasteurized eggs, which have in fact been warmed up to assist damaging bacteria.

An egg coffee (Vietnamese: Cà phê trứng) is an iconic Hanoi drink that is usually prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and also coffee powder. The beverage is made by whipping egg yolks with sugar as well as coffee, after that, drawing out the coffee right into the half of the mug, complied with by a similar amount of “egg cream”– egg yolks which are heated up along with pounding or blended.

The legend goes that fresh milk continued to be in short supply during the postwar 1975 as a result of the fact that fresh milk along with pressed milk is limited assets as a result of the trade embargo, therefore, whisked egg yolk was used as a substitute.

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9/ Drop-off

Our guide will drop you at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter, Say goodbye and see you again!

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Be ready to explore Hanoi?

Tiêu đề 2: Vietnam is famous for its diverse cuisine and this 3-hour street food tour will let you in on the secrets of Vietnamese food. Try our 8 unforgettable and delicious delicacies of Vietnam which is a mix of street stalls and restaurants, Western and Eastern cuisine such as sticky rice, beef salad noodles, grilled pork with vermicelli, Vietnamese sandwich, egg coffee and so on. Not knowing the native language can be a real difficulty, however, we’ll navigate for you, guide you through the authentic Vietnamese food. Watch the local chefs prepare the food and sample some of the best stalls and restaurants in the area.

Besides the food, we will feed you an insight into Vietnamese ancient culture and religion and discover the hidden Hanoi for your best experience. This will be the most fun local dining night you will ever experience in Vietnam.