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​Tours in all over Vietnam are assisted by us, there tours are well sellected at the local price.

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​TOP 20 Foods & Drinks in ​Hanoi Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2018.

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​We did a great streetfood tour with Rose. She showed us different typical dishes. We were really happy to get to know typical food and were really full afterwards. It was so good that she explained all the dishes and we also learned a lot about the Vietnamese culture.

Rose was very nice and completely entered to our wishes. We were only a small group of two people and had a beautiful evening.


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​Hanoi Street Food Tour: Small-Group

From: $​25 / per

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​Hanoi Scooter Tour with Hotel Pickup

​From: $​​35 / per​

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​Hanoi Old Quarter Tour​

​From: $​​15 / per

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​Hanoi French Quarter Tours

From: $​​​2​0 / per

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A Different Side of Hanoi.

We strive to take you off the beaten track of spots in Hanoi’s old quarter hidden gems and around West Lake on the motorbike tour. We love to share our great wealth of knowledge on this amazing city and taste some awesome food and drinks along the way.

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How many days to spend in Hanoi?​Onetrip suggested: Three to five days is a perfect length of time to visit the city and see all the main attractions and sights, while still having time to relax and soak up some of the local culture and cuisine!

Where to stay?The Old Quarter and and Cathedral District are two of the most interesting parts of the city to stay during your visit. They also allow you easy access to tourist sites and good local bars and restaurants.​

​Time Zone    ​UTC (+07:00)

Country Code    +84

Best time to visit​To avoid the colder winter, hot summer, and rainy season, Hanoi is best experienced in April and May, but be prepared for occasional drizzle!

Hanoi Food Walking Tour: Small-Group

This tour takes you to go around the Old Quarter – 36 street area, an ideal place for travelers looking to experience the rare sense of timelessness that seems to sum up this area of the city.During 3 hours you will have an amazing chance to sample around 10 different dishes, from those little pancakes to big bowls of noodles, and wash everything down with a sip of Vietnamese coffee. Not only you will be able to explore our culinary world but you also experience our local life with visits to a small alley, a legendary lake located at the heart of our capital and an ancient house where you can broaden your horizons with unimaginable surprises.That’s too much for 3 hours huh? – Nah, I bet you are more than ready for this food tour.

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​It is a great pleasure for us that you are here visiting our website. Hopefully, the information introduced on this website will bring you an amazing and valuable experience.If you are planning an exciting trip to Hanoi and would like to explore Hanoi’s attractions, interesting corners, taste authentic food specialties or just merely want to see a different vision of this bustling capital. These tours are perfect for you.Let’s take a tour that you are interested in and enjoy the wonderful adventure! We do believe that it will be definitely worth every dollar you spend!

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​Where to go in Vietnam ?

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a long and complex history, which world travelers are just beginning to explore.From your Hanoi hotel enjoy a two day cruise aboard a junk on Ha Long Bay with delicious meals cooked on board, with diving and kayaking into mysterious secret caves.Set out on a 13 day bicycle tour across the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail, through complex system of roads along the Truong Son Range. More experienced and adventurous cyclists can try the 13 day bicycle tour across northwestern Vietnam to Luang Prabang Mountain.Take a six day trek from Sapa through the mountains to Hoang Lien National Park, visiting hillside villages and camping near rivers. End the hike with a swim near a waterfall before returning by car to Sapa.The former ancient city of Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City ( after the war ), and day tours exploring temples plus night and cooking tours of this fascinating city are a memorable experience.Don’t miss the day trip from Ho Chi Minh city to the Cu Chi tunnels, the wartime hideout of the VietCong.Discover the wonders of the Mekong river delta either by cruise or bicycle tour with homestay. The riverbank is lined with coconut palms and rice paddies plus houseboats and floating markets.