“​​Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– ​​Lara

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​”Ever travel to a foreign city? We’ve all heard that “travel broadens the mind.” But beneath this cliché lies a deep truth. Things stand out because they’re different, so we notice every detail, from street signs to mailboxes to how you pay at a restaurant. We learn a lot when we travel not because we are any smarter on the road, but because we pay such close attention. On a trip, we become our own version of Sherlock Holmes, intensely observing the environment around us. We are continuously trying to figure out a world that is foreign and new.” (Creative confidence – Tom Kelly & David Kelly)

I have had little chances to go travel as many of my friends so far, even around my country as I am still a student with tight budget. I love traveling as people around me, and we get away for purposes, simply for a retreat. For me, when you step on a strange area, it is not only that you enjoy its beauty and take some attractive pictures to post on Instagram or Facebook but also an opportunity for you to take advantage of to learn more the world outside. You may read tons of books a year which you are pround of, but they can be worthless without utilized. What I am trying to say is do not just sit there and read, put your ass up and go, with your friend or by yourself, it is all fine!

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