• Getting from Hanoi to Hue (and back)

    Le CongDecember 31, 2021

    Hue is best known for its imperial citadel, royal mausoleums, iconic pagodas, and delicious cuisine. So if you’re interested in Vietnamese food and learning more about Vietnam’s history and culture, Hue would be a great choice! The journey from Hanoi to Hue or back is quite long and challenging. The two areas are approximately 700 km (435 miles) apart, with Hue sitting south of Hanoi. There are five options between these two areas: bus, limousine, train, taxi, and most exciting way: scooter.

    Photo: Hanoi and Hue


    This is the fastest and most convenient way to travel from Hanoi to Hue. Many fly domestic flights (Bamboo Airway, Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines) between these two cities. These flights begin at the Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi, about 25km from the Old Quarter, and land at Phu Bai Airport. It takes around one hour, and passengers should be at the airport one hour before departure. There are flights once every four or five hours from Monday to Sunday. It costs about 800.000 VND ($35) per person per direction. Therefore, you should book the tickets about a week ahead in advance as the price will be much lower.

    Photo: Flights from Hanoi to Hue

    Train FROM Hanoi TO Hue

    The public train departs from the Hanoi Gas Station and takes between 14-15 hours to reach the central city of Hue. Up to 3 daily departures on the route, which are spread between the day. It takes a much longer time to travel, but the roads are beautiful along the coast. The train schedule and price can be found here. An adult ticket is approx 800,000 VND (approx $35) each direction.

    Photo: Train from Hanoi to Hue

    Scooter rental FROM Hanoi TO Hue

    Many travelers have a better way to travel from Hanoi to Hue. You can rent a scooter (or even buy one) from Hanoi and then visit the places between these two cities: Ninh Binh, Vinh, Dong Hoi. Once you get to Hue, you can leave the scooter to the scooter rental shop (Or sell it to the shop).

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    Photo: Ride from Hanoi to Hue


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