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    Le CongSeptember 7, 2023


    The Hanoi Government Guest House is a 5-story building with French classical architecture in the Hanoi French Quarter. It is considered the face of the country during foreign ceremonies with international guests.

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    Located in the center of Hanoi, the Government Guest House is surrounded by many historical sites and famous attractions. This venue not only serves as an external venue but also offers social services such as accommodation, dining, and event organization for outside guests upon request.

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    History of the guesthouse

    The guesthouse was constructed in 1918 on the site of the old Bao An Pagoda during the French colonial period. It is currently located at the intersection of 12 Ngo Quyen Street and 2 Le Thach Street in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Originally known as the Tonkin Governor’s Palace, it was renamed the Tonkin Kham Sai Palace after Japan overthrew the French in 1945. On August 19 of that year, the Viet Minh army and the people of Hanoi reclaimed the Hanoi Government Guest House through a general uprising.

    On August 19, 1945, the Viet Minh army and the people of Hanoi reclaimed the Hanoi Government Guest House through a general uprising.

    After the August Revolution, the guesthouse was renamed Bac Bo Phu and became the living and working place of President Ho Chi Minh and the provisional government. In 1954, after the end of the Indochina War, the Bac Bo Palace was repaired and became part of the Guest House of the Presidential Palace, under the management of the Reception Room of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1957, the guesthouse was completely assigned to the Protocol Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to welcome international delegations visiting and working in Vietnam.

    Hanoi Government Guest House (2023)

    The guesthouse enjoys a central location, only 200m from Hoan Kiem Lake and approximately 800m from Hanoi Old Quarter. It is situated across from the Ly Thai To Monument and only a 500m walk to the Hanoi Opera House, 200m to the Thang Long Puppet Theater, and just a few steps to the State Bank of Vietnam, Hanoi Metropole Hotel, and the Dien Hong Flower Garden.

    The area surrounding has many trees.

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