• 21 things to do in Hanoi this summer

    Le CongApril 10, 2024

    Hanoi can be hot and humid in the summer. However, with a bit of preparation, you can enjoy the city just like a local. The days are longer, community events multiply, and there are numerous exhibitions, museums, and monuments to discover. With unique itineraries, outdoor sports, shopping experiences, and gastronomy, there’s always an opportunity to experience the Vietnamese lifestyle. Tap into the city’s creative energy and savor the cuisine in Vietnam’s food capital.

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    Not sure where to start your city trip? Here is a list of 21 things to do in Hanoi in the summer. Start ticking off your list.

    Plan your trip to Hanoi

    You’ve decided to spend a few days in Hanoi this summer: an excellent idea.

    #1. Arrive prepared. Browse our website and start exploring the neighborhoods that invigorate Hanoi with new energies: each has its own identity, discover your favorite one with an expert.

    #2. Now that you’ve got an idea, all you have to do is book a hotel or Airbnb. The Old Quarter and the French Quarter are ideal places to stay as they are close to the best museums and restaurants as well as the top attractions in the city. If you prefer quieter and less touristy areas, consider staying near West Lake.

    #3. Pack your bags: comfortable shoes and light clothing will be useful for walking around town and enduring the high temperatures and humidity.

    Discover summertime events in Hanoi

    Hanoi is very lively during the summer. Enjoy the Thang Long Water Puppet Show indoors with cool air conditioning. Numerous music events take place around Hoan Kiem Lake in the evenings, especially on weekends.

    Visiting museums in Hanoi is a fantastic idea, especially for history and art lovers. Don’t miss the Hoa Lo Prison, Museum of Ethnology and the Vietnamese National Museum of Fine Art.

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    The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a must-visit attraction

    Must-see things in Hanoi

    While in Hanoi, don’t miss the iconic St Joseph Cathedral. Consider visiting the Saigon Pasteur Street craft beer shop nearby at 1 Au Trieu Street to cool down during hot days. If you prefer local brews, try the fresh Bia hoi at Bia hoi Bat Dan at 55 Bat Dan Street.

    St Joseph Cathedral.
    Welcome to the Lam Cafe, an art coffee of the locals

    You haven’t truly experienced Hanoi until you’ve tried the famous Hanoi egg coffee. We recommend Loading T cafe, which is notable for its cinnamon flavor and beautiful French villa architecture.

    To learn more about the city’s history, join the Stories from the Vietnam War tour in the hidden area. If you’re a fan of coffee and architecture, join us on the French Quarter tour with coffee.

    Enjoy Sports and Relaxation in Hanoi’s Parks

    The city of Hanoi can get quite hot, so we recommend finding a cool area. If you’re staying in the Old Quarter or the French Quarter, Thong Nhat Park and Hoan Kiem Lake are excellent choices. If you have more time, consider a visit to the Banana Islands, which boasts a hidden outdoor swimming pool. They even feature DJ music on the weekends.

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    Hoan Kiem Lake area with many beautiful trees

    If you’re a fan of large swimming pools, the Water Park in Tay Ho is a great idea, especially if you have kids.

    Live like a Local in Hanoi

    Hanoi is renowned for its street food. With countless options from Pho and Banh ran to Banh mi, there’s something for everyone. Join the Hanoi Food Walking Tour to discover the best street food with a local guide. Don’t worry if you’re vegan or vegetarian – our local hosts have you covered. This isn’t just a food tour; it’s a blend of history, hidden locales, and delicious food.

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    Discover the hidden part of Hanoi with an expert.

    Things to do in Hanoi at Sunset

    The best place to watch the sunset is at the rooftop Skyline Bar at 34 Gia Ngu Street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, where you can enjoy a clear view of the whole town. From there, you can see the Long Bien Bridge and the Lotte Tower.

    The Hoan Kiem Lake and the West Lake are also excellent options, with many locals enjoying leisurely walks and runs.

    The view of Hanoi at sunset at West Lake area

    Experience Hanoi’s Nightlife

    Embrace Vietnam’s philosophy of “work hard, party hard” by immersing yourself in Hanoi’s nightlife. For an international atmosphere, head to Ta Hien, or visit a Bia Hoi shop for a more local experience. Many people enjoy relaxing with a beer after work.

    Ta Hien Street after 6 PM.

    We hope this list helps you discover the best of the city during your stay.

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