• Hanoi in September (2023 Guide): What to do, Events & What’s On

    Le CongSeptember 25, 2023

    If you have chosen to visit Hanoi in September, you have made a good choice. The weather is not as hot as in July, June, and May, and the autumn season is just beginning. All the kids are returning to school and are excited about the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, September 2nd is Independence Day in Vietnam, so it can be very busy to get around. With a little preparation, you can make the most of your time in Hanoi in September. Here is your complete guide to the best of September in Hanoi, along with travel tips and information about events at the beginning of autumn.

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    Hanoi in September: Hanoi Old Quarter

    Is September a good month to visit Hanoi?

    September marks the beginning of the busy tourism season in Hanoi, as the weather becomes much cooler. The summer heat can be scorching, reaching as high as 42 degrees Celsius. In contrast, winter is dry and cold, with temperatures as low as 12 degrees Celsius being quite normal. Therefore, autumn is considered the best time to visit.

    Hanoi in September: view from Skyline rooftop bar

    Hanoi weather in September

    The weather is generally nice with blue skies and comfortable temperatures, but there can be unpredictable rain. While most days are pleasant, there are occasional instances when the weather can take a strange turn. For example, it can be hot and sunny in the morning, only for heavy rain to start suddenly. It is advisable to always carry an umbrella and wear comfortable shoes. If you happen to forget your raincoat or umbrella, you can purchase one from local shops for only 10,000 VND.

    Hanoi in September

    Festival and holidays in September

    • Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Mid Autumn Festival in Vietnam is a significant cultural event. If you visit Vietnam during the 8th lunar month, don’t miss this Full Moon event. Also known as the Full Moon Festival, it is important for the locals. Celebrated on the Full Moon night (the 15th day) of the 8th lunar month, children go out with star lanterns and moon cakes and listen to folklore tales.

    Star lanterns at Kim Ngan communal house on Hang Bac Street
    • Independence Day – September 2nd

    Hanoi can be very busy during this time due to public holidays, as people from all over the country visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. There are numerous events, such as music festivals, that attract a large number of people. It’s better to book the flight tickets, and tours in advance as they are quickly sold out.

    A Busy Street on September 2nd, 2023 – Vietnam Independence Day
    Hanoi in September: St Joseph Cathedral of Hanoi on September 20th, 2023

    What to do in Hanoi in September

    Visit Hang Ma Street

    Hang Ma Street is well-known for its decorations during the New Year, Christmas, Halloween, and Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s a great place to see kids walking around and choosing their favorite toys. You’ll find a wide variety of masks, star lanterns, and lanterns here.

    Enjoy the Hoan Kiem Lake and the French Quarter

    Definitely a great place to exercise and take a walk with the locals. The atmosphere here is very enjoyable, with fresh air and locals strolling around. There are also numerous cafes and bookstores in this area. Trying the famous Trang Tien ice cream or enjoying a cup of coffee is highly recommended.

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    Hanoi in September: Hoan Kiem Lake

    Enjoy the coffee culture in Hanoi

    Hanoi is renowned for its coffee culture. There is nothing better than sipping a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee while enjoying people-watching. A great place to try is Note Coffee near the Lake. If you’re interested in trying the famous egg coffee, Dinh Cafe is a good option. As you take a sip of coffee, you’ll notice many locals sitting around, chatting with each other. If you see them eating something, it’s most likely sunflower seeds, which are very common in Vietnamese coffee shops.

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    Ban cong Cafe in September

    I have been living in the city for 7 years now, and autumn has always been my favorite season due to its comfortable weather. While I enjoy the sun of summer, it can sometimes be too hot to fully enjoy the day. When we host tours, guests often find the heat very uncomfortable and end up sweating throughout. That’s why we love autumn and want to showcase the best of this month in Hanoi. Come and join our experiences with the local experts.

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