• Top 5 Instagrammable places in Hanoi

    Le CongDecember 30, 2021

    Filled with ancient history, natural sites, markets, food shops, and some of the best views, Hanoi is an Instagrammable city. Weaving through the crowded streets of the Old Quarter, finding hidden gems, people watching, and enjoying the many delicious findings in the Dong Xuan market.

    It is easy to explore the city and capture it all on camera. While there are endless photo options, here are some of the most Instagrammable places in Hanoi, some of which we visit on our Hanoi Food Walking Tour. For those of you looking to get more Insta-likes or just want to make your friends jealous, here are the 5 most Instagrammable places in Hanoi, although there are always more to find.

    1. West Lake

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    West Lake is known as Hanoi’s largest freshwater lake. It’s a massive body of water – it has a circumference of 17km – and there are plenty of historical places of interest, five-star hotels, stylish restaurants, cafes, and nightlife venues that are worth exploring along the shoreline.

    Accessible within a 20-minute walk from Hanoi Old Quarter. Many locals and travelers find this area an outstanding natural beauty with plenty of quiet spots in the green botanical gardens. Known locally as Ho Tay, the actual history of West Lake remains a mystery to this very day. However, folklore told that the lake formed when a large Chinese buffalo mistakenly confused a pagoda temple bell with its mother’s call and ran fiercely into a small hollow and created a lake. West Lake is also the perfect place to watch the sunset in Hanoi.

    West lake

    #2 Honorable mention – Food in Hanoi

    Another fantastic way to capture Vietnam is through street food. You eat your way through the city enjoying an iconic Banh mi, a bowl of Pho Hanoi, and the unique egg coffee or spend an evening at Ta Hien street enjoying some fresh beer (Bia hoi). Be sure to catch a few Instagram photos of your delicious finds, if not only to remember them later when you are missing Hanoi! We recommend joining this Hanoi Food Walking Tour to explore the city’s best and hidden street foods.
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    Photo: Hanoi Street Food

    #3 Hanoi French Quarter

    The historic city of the French Quarter, which neighbors Hanoi, is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in the capital city and all of Vietnam. From the Hanoi Opera House to the first French-built university buildings and curved alleyways and cobblestone streets, it is a Hanoi Instagram paradise. It is easy to feel inspired by the sounds, smells, and vibrant colors throughout the French Quarter. The area is brimming with energy and relaxed vibes, from the vintage furniture stores to French-style hotels and some of the best people-watching you will ever find. Explore the town, the fountain, and the old city of Hanoi for some amazing architectural views overlooking the city, you won’t be disappointed.


    #4 Dong Xuan market

    The hustling and bustling market, also known as the “Springfield market” in Hanoi, Dong Xuan market, is a cornucopia of Insta-worthy moments. From the colorful fruit and vegetable vendors to the dried spice market, crowed shoe shops, and sea-food market, if only Instagram could capture the smell. It is easy to spend plenty of time exploring this vibrant market, and easily some of the best people-watching in the city as everyone comes from all parts of the town to this central market.

    One of the most Instagrammable places in Hanoi, the market offers not only exciting and inspirational moments during the day, but in the evening, an artsy surprise emerges as the vendors close their gates for the night, and reveal some fantastic street art. The back street is an excellent combination of new glass buildings and Soviet-style apartments. You are sure to get some great Hanoi stories here as well as you work your way through the delicious market in Hanoi. Are you looking for a more in-depth experience of the market?

    Join the Hanoi Old Quarter Tour to explore all of the market’s unique foods. You’ll be introduced to a myriad of local spices and foods on this tour. Want to explore the best local street bites while exploring the market? Join the Hanoi Street Food Tour, or Hanoi Vegan Food Walking Tour if you are a vegan.
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    #5 The Hoan Kiem lake

    The Hoan Kiem Lake, the Sword Lake, the Lake of the Restored Sword – call it what you like. This ancient and meaningful site in the city center of Hanoi is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in all of Vietnam. One of the most popular sites in Vietnamese culture, the turtle tower is a perfect combination of French and Vietnamese architecture. It is a compelling and spiritual destination in Hanoi, and it is essential to visit with the utmost respect. Whether you get an Instagram picture up close or walk around the lake to get a different vantage point, there are many ways to capture the impressive site for your Instagram feed.

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