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Travel is becoming an increasingly important part of people’s lives, but the purpose of traveling is changing. In the past, when we thought about a holiday or trip, it tended to be for leisure, as a break from work. Nowadays, traveling is about understanding how local people live in different countries, and learning about their history and culture.

Many large group tours tend to focus solely on famous tourist destinations. However, with the rise of the internet, information about these places is now easily accessible. That’s why we offer local experiences that bring you closer to the lives of local people through hidden paths in the city, local food, and coffee, to learn about the deep stories behind them.

Company Legitimacy: as a fully licensed International Tour Operator, we’re committed to maintaining the highest industry standards for your safety and satisfaction. Our prestigious license (01-2599/2024/CDLQGVN-GP LHQT), issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, authenticates us as a reliable and legitimate partner. Our team of qualified professionals, including licensed tour guides, is dedicated to providing excellent service and sharing their expertise.
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CONG, Co-Founder

Ciao, I’m Cong!

I was born and raised in the central highlands of Vietnam. My family has been growing coffee for 25 years, although my parents love tea. At 18, I moved to Hanoi to pursue my studies. I’m an almost-chemist, but I also have a passion for hosting tours and meeting people from all over the world. To date, I have welcomed over 1000 travelers from 132 countries.

In addition to my studies, I volunteer with Blue Dragon Children’s Organization and am a monthly sponsor. I am also a team leader for Keep Hanoi Clean, an environmental organization that works to keep Hanoi clean by collecting trash. I also volunteer my time as an English teacher and collect books for children in my hometown. It’s my way of giving back to the community.

P/S: As a traveler myself (I had a gap year in Israel and have visited Cambodia and many places in Vietnam), I understand what it’s like to discover a new city or country. So, if you happen to visit Hanoi or Vietnam, please reach out to me (Airbnb or IG @onetripwithlocal & @cong_trong_). I am here to give you the best “local” advice!

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QUANG, Co-Founder

Xin chao! I’m Quang.

As a child, I heard many stories from my grandfather about the war and poverty in Vietnam. His experiences during the war inspired me to learn more about history, which sparked my interest in starting a tour company.

I used to be an engineer, but I quit that life to pursue my passion for travelling. Now, I’m giving tours and meeting people from all around the globe.

I’m passionate about culture and history, so it brings me joy to introduce my country’s culture to others. Let me give you an unforgettable experience in Vietnam!

P/S: If you’re visiting Hanoi/Vietnam, please reach out to me on Instagram @quangtran.tom and @Onetripwithlocal; my WhatsApp: +84 978999270. I’m here to give you the best “local” advice!

C21C49E2 A9BA 4FE8 A189 CDA060C3C7F5 Minh Anh Nguyen scaled About OneTrip


Xin chào!

My name is Mina. I’m passionate about traveling and shopping. I’ve visited over 20 countries and explored many different places. Whenever I come back home, I appreciate the culture and people of Vietnam even more. Join me and learn about the fascinating culture and cuisine of Vietnam!

Our Host Kien About OneTrip


Hi guys!

I’m Kien, a traveler who crave for adventures and eye-opening knowledges. Born in Vietnam, studied in the US and Ireland; these experiences have built up who I am now as a person, who always looks at things in a wider perspective.

Our host Yen About OneTrip


Hi everyone!

I’m Yen, a tourism student who loves exploring diverse cultures and unique traditions. As a local guide, I discover amazing things in my city, from new restaurants to hidden gems and local events. My favorite part of the job is connecting with people from different backgrounds and learning about life in their country. I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world.

hanhminh About OneTrip


Hii, my name is Minh. I’m 21 years old and I come from Vietnam. Currently, I’m a senior in university and I study Language.

cuminhanh foodtour About OneTrip


Hi, my name is Minh Anh. I am 20 years old. I’d like to welcome you all to Ha Noi. As a tour guide, I always appear with enthusiasm and positive energy. I passionate about technology, quantum physics and philosophy.

E95A5185 DFF6 49E7 9285 420980B1B81D Vu Chu scaled About OneTrip


I’m a tour guide who loves serving people and discovering new cultures, traditions, and foods. I’ve travelled extensively throughout Vietnam and have led many tours. Come join me and experience the captivating culture and cuisine of Vietnam! No prior knowledge is required; let’s explore together and learn something new!

hanoi street food tour 3 About OneTrip


Xin chào!

I’m Diep/Austin. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Hanoi, in an ancient pottery village next to the gentle Red River.

I love traveling, meeting friends from all over the world, exchanging cultures, and gaining knowledge. As a graduate student majoring in tourism, I can share a lot of fascinating historical, cultural, culinary, and life knowledge about the people of Hanoi and this S-shaped land.

Are you ready for our journey? I’m so excited to see you!

Thuy tour guide About OneTrip


Bonjour, I’m Thuy!

I’m a 20-year-old girl passionate about tasty food, drinks, and discovering hidden corners. I’m a Hanoi native and grew up in a flower village of the city that I’m proud of.

I’m crazy about aesthetics and music, so if you want to have some fun by singing in the street, I don’t mind being a pioneer! For me, all encounters are not coincidences, but missions to bring our stories together so that this earth can understand itself better and be more tolerant.

“Life is short and the world is wide,” so let’s enjoy our memorable trip to the fullest.

Rectangle 2 About OneTrip


Hi! I’m Nghia.

I was born and raised in a small village near Hanoi. Growing up, I was surrounded by mountains, rivers, and animals. But when I moved to Hanoi for my studies, I discovered a whole new world. I gained a genuine passion for hosting Experiences, especially the Food Walking Experience. I love meeting people from all over the world and experiencing the unique link between food and culture. Vietnam is full of identity, expressed through culture, cuisine, lifestyle, and more.

Now it’s time for me to share it with you. Are you ready to join me on my experience? Let me show you the city I love. See you soon!

photo 2022 06 11 21 48 36 Huyen Thanh About OneTrip


Hi there! I’m Huyen and I’m from Hanoi.

I’m passionate about travelling, meeting people from all over the world, and experiencing the unique flavors of different cultures. In the past few years, I’ve explored many places in Vietnam, from the ordinary to the exotic, like Ha Giang and Ca Mau, the Northernmost and Southernmost points!

Are you ready to join me on this journey? I can’t wait to show you the city I love.