OneTrip with local is the leading travel service provider in Hanoi, Vietnam. We provide an extensive and diverse range of tours, experiences, online and offline, that focus on showcasing the best and most unique experiences this country has to offer. Harnessing a passionate team, cutting-edge technology, and an incredible network of suppliers and collaborators, OneTrip with local has helped over 50,000 people plan trips in Hanoi and provided experiences, tours, and packages to over 5,000 guests from 128 countries all over the world.

Reinventing Travel In Vietnam

We embarked on our mission to change the face of Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2018 when we introduced our forward-thinking travel philosophy to the Vietnamese tourism scene. Until then, Vietnam had been seen as a niche destination with a limited number of attractions that mainly appealed to very BIG and SUPER CROWED tourist groups. But OneTrip with Local recognized the tremendous untapped potential of Vietnam’s multifaceted culture, cuisine, street life, and history; that it had so much more to offer beyond the conventional tourist attractions.
From Saigon’s vibrant street life and cultural offerings to Hanoi’s hidden gems, to off-the-beaten-path experiences in the Northern mountainous area, we saw that the best things Vietnam had to offer had yet to be made accessible to the new generation of travelers and we wanted to make it very PERSONAL. Equipped with our endless curiosity and passion for content, quality, and authenticity, we teamed up with talented guides and local experts to craft unique tours and experiences that would speak to the global traveler.
We have been widely recognized as one of the top-rated tours on Airbnb, Guruwalk, TripAdvisor, Viator, and many more travel platforms; OneTrip with local has reinvented what it means to travel in Vietnam.


Our belief in making beautiful travel experiences accessible for all is at the heart of everything we do, and the way we do it. We fuse powerful technology, a vast network of local experts and guides, intricate operational capacity, and a multicultural team to provide travelers from around the globe with high-quality experiences of exceptional value.
Our goal is to give travelers an experience above and beyond the average Vietnam tour, taking care of all the logistics so that travelers can sit, back, relax, and enjoy an unforgettable Vietnam experience. All our terms feature modern, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles with reliable drivers and experienced, knowledgeable local guides who go above and beyond to give our clients immersive experiences that they’ll never forget!


Travel with Passion

Our team of friendly, professional, multilingual experts is based in Hanoi. We experience Vietnam not just as a place of history and religion but a land full of intense flavors, vibrant communities, cultural medleys, fascinating personalities, and incredible nature. Our guides are passionate about their homes and lend an added dimension to understanding the land and the people who live in it. 

Innovation + Service

The OneTrip website offers an extensive library of free information and timely updates about traveling in Vietnam. Our website offers instant online booking with complete transparency and no hassles. And our customer support team is available seven days a week to keep things running smoothly, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. 

Compassion + Community 

Whether it’s the people who work for us, the clients we serve, or the communities we explore, OneTrip cares about our people. Compassion, diversity, and inclusion are essential to us. We believe that partnering with regional and minority communities throughout the region not only enriches the travel experience but strengthens and enriches the fabric of Vietnam society. For us, travel isn’t just a recreational activity; it’s a chance to expand boundaries, gain exposure to different walks of life, open minds and interact with the more prominent human family. At OneTrip, making the world a kinder, more connected, and the more tolerant place is what travel is all about.