A gentleman at Cho Gioi.

When guests enter our “Stories of the not-to-go-alone” area, they are immediately drawn to the interesting man who always sits around the corner. With his friendly smile and welcoming nature, he sparks their curiosity. It’s fascinating to learn that he has been faithfully sitting there for many years, diligently fixing remote controls. In the past, his skill was very important when getting new ones was difficult. But nowadays, buying replacement remotes is much easier. Nevertheless, he remains dedicated to his craft, showing his commitment to his work and the joy it brings him.

IMG 2023 scaled A gentleman at Cho Gioi.
He always smiles when we say hello.

He received his education in mechanical engineering from the top technological university in Vietnam. After many years of work, he retired but has spent the last 30 years repairing remote controls at the same location. When a customer asked if he noticed the rapid pace of technological changes, he responded affirmatively. He explained that he lacked the tools to repair the newer models. He happily shared that he had traveled to the USA with his children.

fa6c980812f9b3a7eae8 A gentleman at Cho Gioi.
When a guest asked to take a photo of him, he happily agreed.

Our team is working hard to immerse guests in the real lives of the locals. We aim to share the history of our country, helping guests gain a deeper understanding of the country beyond just visiting famous tourist spots.

IMG 2027 scaled A gentleman at Cho Gioi.

When visiting Hanoi, you are invited to join the walk and share in the many stories with our guests.

There are numerous fascinating buildings in this area, each with its own rich history and captivating stories to tell. Exploring this region provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into the lives and experiences of the local residents. By immersing yourself in the cultural and architectural heritage of this place, you will develop a deeper appreciation for its unique character and the people who call it home.

IMG 2004 scaled A gentleman at Cho Gioi.
A local beer shop that sells Bia hoi.
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Join us to learn more about the history of the country and explore lesser-known areas.

During the “Stories from the Vietnam War” tour, we encountered fascinating individuals who experienced history firsthand.

Story updated on May 15th, 2024.

One of these individuals was an 80-year-old man who kindly shared his story. He had lived on Kham Thien street and narrowly escaped the Christmas bombing in 1972. This event occurred on December 26, 1972. On December 25, he had a task at the Institute of Science of Transportation and had to bike 70 km. On his return on December 27, he discovered the devastation: his entire neighborhood had been bombed, and he had lost his parents, a sister, and a cousin. At that time, he was 27 years old.

6e5e47e64612e74cbe03 A gentleman at Cho Gioi.
He returned home and changed his shirt so a guest could take a photo of him.

Despite his losses, he remained remarkably optimistic, considering himself fortunate. When a guest asked his thoughts about the war, he viewed it as a part of history. He warmly welcomes visitors from around the world to hear his story.

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