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Vietnamese cuisine varies by region. Each city, even each village, has its own list of unique local specialties. The best way to try the food is go with local people

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Food Fun Facts 1. Vietnam is the second-largest producer of rice in the world, after Thailand. 2. Vietnamese people consume the most instant noodles in Asia, even more than in Japan, the home country of this processed food. 3. Spring roll is a popular dish in Vietnam, usually served at family gatherings or anniversary dinners. 4. Fresh herbs are an essential part of Vietnamese cuisine; they are plentiful and diverse and are used to add flavor and visual appeal to dishes such as pho (noodles), soups, and Vietnamese bread. 5. Rice is the main dish in most Vietnamese meals, which usually also include a meat dish and a bowl of vegetables. Noodles (pho) and "bun" are also popular and widely available on the streets. 6. Fish sauce is an essential condiment in Vietnamese cuisine; it is used in almost every dish, such as pancakes, summer rolls, egg rolls, and many others. A typical dipping sauce usually contains garlic, sugar, and chili. 7. Snake wine is a traditional beverage made by steeping a whole snake in rice wine. It is believed to improve health and vitality.