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Vietnamese cuisine varies by region. Each city, even each village, has its own list of unique local specialties. The best way to try the food is go with local people

Food Fun Facts

1. Vietnam's rice production ranks second globally (after Thailand).
2. Vietnamese people consume the most significant number of instant noodles in Asia, even more than Japan - the home country of this processed food.
3. Spring roll is the most popular dish in Vietnam, though they are rarely seen in an everyday meal - mainly at a family gathering or anniversary dinner.
4. A lot of fresh herbs. Herbs are an indispensable part of Vietnam's food; they are plentiful and diverse. It can easily be seen that fresh herbs appear in many traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho (noodles), soups, and Vietnamese bread. Not only do they make dishes more delicious, but they also help the meals to look more attractive.
5. Rice is a popular food.Most Vietnamese meals have boiled rice as the main dish. A typical meal in Vietnam consists of 3 main dishes: cooked rice, a meat dish, and a bowl of vegetables. Besides, noodles (pho) and "bun" are the most common food in Vietnam that are plentiful and available along the street.
6. Fish sauce. This is a key and essential condiment of Vietnamese cuisine. Fish sauce is used in almost every dish, such as pancakes, summer rolls, egg rolls, and many others. A typical dipping sauce generally adds garlic, sugar, and chili.
7. Snake wine. The whole snake will be steeped in rice wine to get its essence, called snake wine. This wine is drunk to improve health and vitality.