The 3 Pillars of a Quality Experience

According to Nhan Dan Newspaper, Vietnam’s tourism sector continues its impressive recovery in 2024.

The highlight of Vietnamese tourism in 2023 was the diversity of international tourist source markets. This diversity, ranging from established to emerging and niche markets, contributed to the increase in the number of foreign visitors to Vietnam.

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Vietnam Tourism 2023 – Market Trend and Report from VHRPRO.


The tourism sector in Vietnam is expected to maintain its growth momentum in 2024, fueled by the recovery of aviation and hotels. With an anticipated increase in international travelers, the future of Vietnam’s tourism industry is bright.

With five years of experience in the inbound travel business, we have welcomed tens of thousands of guests from more than 130 countries around the world. In this blog, we share our experiences in hosting successful tours, much of which we learned from Airbnb resources.

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How to showcase your strengths when hosting experiences.

Ready to connect with fellow travelers and locals? Let’s explore experiences’ 3 pillars for an exceptional Experience: expertiseinsider access, and connection.

Experience Hosts offer travelers an insider’s perspective. The 3 quality pillars that an Experience should demonstrate are:

  • Expertise: Showcase your unique knowledge and perspective on your topic.
  • Insider Access: Provide something that guests couldn’t easily do on their own.
  • Connection: Create meaningful human connections. Make your guests feel like they belong.
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Your passion and unique expertise on a subject are crucial. Here’s how you might express your expertise:

Avoid: “I love calligraphy!”, Good: “I’ve studied calligraphy for five years and recently started teaching my friends.”Great: “I teach calligraphy at the SF Asian Arts Center. I recently spoke at the International Calligraphy conference.”

For example, our team members, who create local experiences, are always eager to dive deep into the local culture and history. They don’t just rely on textbooks – they learn from the many stories shared by the locals we chat with every day. We’re all about lifelong learning and always looking to expand our understanding. A bunch of us have spent hours immersed in books about Vietnamese history and have even taken online history courses. For example, just last summer, one of our hosts completed a World History course on Coursera. This gave them a unique perspective to connect global events with what’s happening right here in Vietnam. This passion for learning and understanding helps us offer our guests a much more rich and context-filled experience, and it helps us to host the tours even better.

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Insider access

Experiences go beyond typical tourist activities. Offer something unique or otherwise inaccessible to the average visitor. Share a special place, introduce guests to unique communities, or offer a unique twist on a typical tourist activity. The tours are not just about visiting places; they’re about connecting with the people, traditions, and stories behind them. We believe in offering an immersive experience that allows the guests to truly understand and appreciate the local culture. And the tours can leave guests with unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of Vietnam.

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A great Experience Host creates meaningful human connections. Make guests feel welcome and recognized. From small gestures like offering sunscreen on a sunny day to creating an inclusive space for guests to connect. This helps to make the experience more personal and memorable for our guests.

Incorporating these elements

In these sections, make sure to spotlight your unique abilities and skills that set you apart from the rest. Showcase any insider access you have to exclusive resources or information. Emphasize your connections in the industry or relevant fields that could prove beneficial. All these factors contribute to your unique value proposition and should be highlighted to demonstrate your distinct advantage.

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About you – Share why you’re the best person to host this Experience. What you’ll do and Where you’ll be – Describe the unique access to locations or communities that you’ll provide. What I’ll provide – Include anything special you’ll include in the Experience.

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Starting as a travel company from scratch, we faced numerous challenges and thankfully overcame the difficulties. We take pleasure in sharing our experiences with others. Our primary goal is to share our knowledge with the travel business community. You can reach us by email at for top-notch advice to elevate your travel business.

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