Our October starts with great news!

Our October month starts with great news: Vietnam is targeting to have 13-14 million international tourists this year. Our team is working hard to preserve and offer local experiences in Hanoi. We are collaborating with our business partners in Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City to promote our tours as well as theirs. Our aim is to provide the best experiences to guests from all over the world who visit Vietnam.

We take pride in donating a portion of our tour profits to various causes: 500,000 VND to the Association of Victims of Agent Orange, 1,500,000 VND to Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation, and 1,000,000 VND to the Green Elephant Project, which was initiated by Cong to teach English to a small class of kids from Dak Lak and build a small library for them.

October Charity Fund Our October starts with great news!

While we have received some negative reviews for our food tour, we are dedicated to making improvements and providing the best experience for our guests.

Additionally, we invested a significant amount of time into writing our travel blog. Last month, we focused on the French Quarter, Hanoi Old Quarter, Ha Giang, and Ninh Binh. We also shared the blog on Pinterest. We hope travelers find it helpful.

Travel guide hanoi Our October starts with great news!

October is already proving to be an exciting month for our team, and we are excited for further positive developments.

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