People whom we met on the tour

Whenever a local in the Cho Gioi area from our Stories from the Vietnam War encounters a guest from our tour, they become excited and eager to talk to them.

IMG 9387 scaled People whom we met on the tour

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of having Svenja from Germany and Hannia from Mexico join us. The locals were delighted to share their stories with the guests. One gentleman, who had studied in Russia for years, could speak Vietnamese, Russian, English, and French. Afterward, he worked as a doctor at a hospital in Hanoi. He started by asking the guests about their experiences in Vietnam and where they had been. Everyone exchanged smiles and stories.

IMG 0587 scaled People whom we met on the tour

We are proud that our work can bring together people from different parts of the world, allowing us to share stories with one another.

IMG 0579 scaled People whom we met on the tour

Later, Svenja and Hannia expressed their fond memories of Hanoi and their intention to recommend Vietnam to their friends. They will share these beautiful stories with their friends and family.

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We also enjoy hosting family trips. There’s nothing better than seeing a family enjoy their time together while learning about the culture and history of a new place. Thank you for choosing to experience this with us.

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