We are delighted to see these smiles.

We warmly welcome our guests and share the stories of the locals with them. There is nothing better than feeling that, after the tour, you leave with a better understanding of Vietnam. Thank you so much for joining us.

IMG 8914 We are delighted to see these smiles.

Last month, we had a record number of people joining the Stories from the Vietnam War Tour. When we set up the tour, our goal was simply to share the stories from our grandfathers who participated in the war. We hope to provide people from all over the world with a different perspective on the war.

IMG 8900 We are delighted to see these smiles.

Additionally, we are happy to announce that last month in October, we were able to donate 3,000,000 VND to various charity organizations. We are excited for the upcoming months of November and December. Thank you for your continuous support!

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