Hanoi – diverse, bustling, and full of energy – is becoming one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the world for many reasons: There are countless things to put on your Hanoi bucket list! With more than 1000 years of history, Hanoi is more than the capital city of Vietnam.

Hanoi is famous for its ancient temples, citadels, authentic museums, French architectural buildings, colorful markets, and delicious street food. Hanoi also attracts tourists by the 36 hustling and bustling streets with plenty of shops with varied options from food to clothes. Both tourists and locals agree this one-of-a-kind city is a mix of old and new that continues to grow and is certainly a must-stop destination while traveling in Southeast Asia!

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Alice was an extraordinary guide - in all kinds of manner going the extra mile and provided a lot of Knowledge, insights and fun 🙂

The guys were really nice and explained us several things about Vietnamese traditions. I tasted things that’d never tasted by myself. Would repeat for sure.

The tour was good.Adam and Jeje did a good job.We did a good amount of tasting and also got good overview about vietnam and some local neighbourhoods in hanoi.

The experience was great! Alice is a very nice guide who showed us a lot os interesting things in Hanoi and she was always very happy to answer our questions and helped us a lot with some struggles we had to go to Halong bay. We are really glad we found Alice 🙂

We had a great time trying all delicious local dishes! Our tour guide Harry was super nice, spook good english and told us a lot about the food and life in hanoi.

The French quarter tour with Alice was the first private tour we took and we really enjoyed it! It rather felt like walking with a friend that you could ask anything about Hanoi and life in Vietnam. Thank you so much for all your insights Alice!

Heard about Zel from recommendations and decided to give it a shot. Was amazed of het fluency in English, and her knowledge about the vietnamese food and culture. Definitely recommended, she's amazing and I had a really good (and tasty) time with her

We had an amazing tour in the old quarter of Hanoi with the best vegetarian food. Steve showed us some cool secrets of the city and we tried some delicious dishes and snacks. Steve knows a lot about food and the history and culture of Hanoi and this tour is a great way to

It was a very nice walk and Rosie knows a lot about the history and the city of Hanoi. I can just recommend it to everyone to get to know the city better

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