Welcoming Our Newest Team Member, Kien! 🙍‍♂️

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Kien!

Kien spent a few years studying high school in the US and four years studying architecture in Ireland. He has returned to Hanoi and is passionate about showing guests from around the world the city he loves, along with its rich history and culture. After one and a half months of training, Kien is now ready to lead tours. He has already received three five-star reviews from guests and is becoming a superstar! When we asked Kien how hard it was to lead the tours, he said it was like taking a friend around town.

Our Host Kien Welcoming Our Newest Team Member, Kien! 🙍‍♂️
Photo: Kien with the three guests from Japan

Kien’s favorite running experience is “Stories from the Vietnam War“. He has received many excellent reviews from guests who have appreciated his knowledge and passion for the topic.

“I really enjoyed Kien’s introduction to Vietnam’s history. Kien was extremely knowledgeable and engaging as a storyteller. I had so many questions and he was not only able to answer all of them, he was very patient about it. We had a really amazing conversation about Vietnam history – I learned so much and it helped me appreciate and understand the sights, the houses, and the markets so much better. Will recommend this!” – Airbnb Review from Tammy.

Our host Kien at Train street Welcoming Our Newest Team Member, Kien! 🙍‍♂️
Photo: Our host, Kien with the team from Singapore.

We are delighted to have Kien hosting this wonderful experience, and we sincerely hope our guests enjoy their time in Vietnam while Kien continues to cherish his love for this job. To participate in our local experiences in Hanoi, please visit here.

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