In May, we have reasons to celebrate!

Thuong In May, we have reasons to celebrate!

Temperatures in Hanoi reached a scorching 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in May, the highest temperature this summer and one of the hottest days in Hanoi’s history. Our tours have slowed down due to the hot weather. We can only run tours in the morning and evening, as it is too hot at noon.

However, we are lucky to be able to spend more time gaining knowledge through training during the summer. Last Sunday, we celebrated our first two team members who reached the 100-review mark. We can’t believe that they earned over 120 reviews in just five months!

June meeting scaled In May, we have reasons to celebrate!
Photo: Onetrip with local monthly meeting

Our newest member, Trang, is improving greatly. She has started showing the tourists the city with passion. One of the best news in May is that we are still receiving lots of support from guests who join the History Tour of Vietnam. As promised, we are proud to donate 500,000 VND to the Associate of Victims of Agent Orange and 2,000,000 VND to the Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation.

In the coming week, we are planning to run a food tour around Hanoi Quarter to raise funds for Blue Dragon. We hope you have a great week ahead!

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