Mina’s tips on how to host a great experience

Last week, our team had an amazing training session led by Mina, one of our best local hosts. Mina shared with the whole team the fun, meaningful, and weird moments of hosting, as well as how to handle them. To provide the best experience, Mina focused on professionalism, confidence in abilities, activities to release emotions, and good preparation.

OTwl Tour GUide workshop instagram post 1 Mina’s tips on how to host a great experience

Her presentation was brilliant and we learned a lot from her. We all hope that our hosts can deliver the best experience for guests traveling to Hanoi and Vietnam. Thank you so much, Mina, for a great day!

Mina training Mina’s tips on how to host a great experience
Photo: thank you, Mina, for the wonderful presentation.

Once a month, our local team at Onetrip with local hosts training sessions for our guides. These sessions aim to strengthen their skills and allow them to learn from each other’s experiences. We strive to create a supportive and connected community of guides who are always eager to learn and improve their guiding skills. Our goal is to ensure that guests visiting our country feel welcome and leave having learned something from our experiences.

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