Welcome new members!

We would like to welcome our 7 newest members who passed the interview on Friday. Congratulations to them on their hard work and great interview. Each of them is very special, with a positive attitude and a smile. One of them speaks Italian, another one owns a coffee shop, and another has a lot of leadership experience and does a lot of volunteering work. We believe that they all align with our commitment to focus on three pillars: Guests, Guides, and Community. Our purpose is to introduce Vietnamese culture and history to welcome guests from all over the world.

Interview Welcome new members!

The next part is a 5-week training process that includes history and tour route information. We hope that all of us will try our best. Based on our experience, some may not become official members at the end of the 5-week journey, but it will surely be a great experience where you can still learn something new and interesting.

Next week is an exciting one as our Green Elephant Project 2023 begins. We will be teaching 6 kids English every Tuesday, with one from Dak Lak province, one from Nam Dinh, and one from Thai Binh. This is the second year of the project, and our focus is on improving the speaking skills of the kids. We also invite people from around the world to connect with the kids so that they can become more confident. Last year, we invited guests from the US, Uzbekistan, and the UK to join us. At the end of the school year, I conducted interviews with the kids, and they all expressed that the most exciting part of the project was talking with the guests in English on Zoom. Therefore, this year we are making an effort to invite more people from different countries and cities. Additionally, we will be sending children’s books for the kids.

green elephant project Welcome new members!

By the end of the month, we are planning to run the Autumn tour to raise funds for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

With the high season for tourism returning after the summer low season, we are very excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead!

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