Welcome Yen to OneTrip with local team!

As Vietnam celebrates the long holiday of Labor Day and Reunification Day, our team has a heartwarming story to share about one of our newest members. Lê Yến, a bright and ambitious 20-year-old girl, recently joined our team and embarked on an exciting journey of learning and personal growth. Despite a challenging and demanding training period that lasted for two months, Yen persevered and remained committed to acquiring new skills and knowledge. She eagerly followed her guides’ instructions and worked tirelessly to achieve mastery in her craft.

Yen and Vu Chu Welcome Yen to OneTrip with local team!
Photo: Yen is our youngest local host with a big smile

Now, after completing her training, Lê Yến is more confident than ever before and has taken the next step in her career by hosting tours on her own. She has shown remarkable dedication and a strong work ethic, which have earned her the admiration and respect of her colleagues and supervisors. Her hard work and determination have paid off, and she recently received her first positive reviews from guests, which filled her with joy and happiness.

Our host Yen Welcome Yen to OneTrip with local team!
Photo: Yen is now very confident to host the experiences

We are proud to have Yen on our OneTrip with Local team, and we hope that she will continue to grow and thrive in her role. With her infectious smile and warm personality, we are confident that she will be a valuable asset to our organization for years to come. We are excited to have you join our team.

Yen’s favorite tours include the Hanoi Food Walking Tour and Vegan Food Walking Tour. You will immediately feel the warmth from Yen, who will guide you to discover the best of Hanoi.

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