Monthly Meeting of September 2023 – Autumn has arrived in Hanoi

Our Stories

Last Sunday, our team gathered to share stories about our guests and discuss the team’s overview. Cong shared insights on communication skills with the entire team, while Mina shared tips on maintaining a professional tour. The most exciting part of the meeting was the reward ceremony. Yen, the youngest member, received the mark #30 review award, while Kien, a rising star, achieved two marks in just two months, #30 and #50! We all believe that Mina (the superstar) and Vu Chu (the leader) will receive rewards next month.

This month, our team is working hard to write more blog posts about the French Quarter of Hanoi. We are also hiring new guides for the upcoming season.

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Our Contributions

We are also proud to continuously donate 20% of the profits from Stories from the Vietnam War in non-tourist areas to The Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, Blue Dragon’s Children’s Foundation, and our Green Elephant project, which teaches English to children in Dak Lak.

What Did Guests Say Last Month?

We are proud to share some guest reviews of their experiences from last month.

Stories from the Vietnam War at not-to-go-alone areas on Airbnb Experience.

This was the best experience of my Vietnam trip. Getting to know so many stories, personal experiences, and the rich history and culture made it a very enriching experience. Kien shares a passion for his work and has bought pictures plus maps to help us explain how the history of Vietnam evolved during different time periods. He answered all my questions and made sure the whole experience was very engaging for the group. If I come back to Hanoi I would certainly do this again.

Private Feedback: Thank you this was an amazing experience.

1 Monthly Meeting of September 2023 - Autumn has arrived in Hanoi

Our favorite reviews from the Vietnam War & French Influence in Vietnam on Airbnb

“If you’re interested in history, this is one tour you MUST NOT MISS! My guide was Kien and he was absolutely spot on in making several hundred years of Vietnamese history come to life! As we walked through the museum of military history, I was overcome with admiration and a greater understanding of the Vietnamese and their military history. In Hoa Lo prison, the tour struck a more somber tone as Kien made the prison come alive, with inmate stories, and it just made the whole thing experience memorable. I highly recommend this tour to anyone (whether you’re a history buff like me, not not). Keep up the amazing work guys!”

Private Feedback: Thanks Kien, loved your tour, and hope the review helps 🙂 I came into the tour with you as a customer and I left as a friend 🙂 hope to see you next time I’m in Hanoi l, let’s go eat Bun Cha again! Hẹn gặp lại!

2 Monthly Meeting of September 2023 - Autumn has arrived in Hanoi

Our favorite reviews from Coffee, History, and Architecture of the French Quarter

Mina was a great guide! She was very kind and knowledgeable. We learned so much. The coffee and ice cream were also great. We have only begun our trip in Hanoi but I already know this will be a highlight of our time here. Highly recommend!

Private Feedback:

Mina was an absolutely wonderful guide!

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Hanoi Metrople Hotel Monthly Meeting of September 2023 - Autumn has arrived in Hanoi

Our favorite reviews from Vegetarian Street Food & Stories of Hanoi

Yến was a wonderful guide through the local spots of Hanoi. We ate a range of delicious treats, including local delicacies and tasty desserts. Yến was friendly, insightful, and funny, she answered all of our questions and gave us some wonderful tips. I would highly recommend this vegan food tour.

Private Feedback:

Thank you so much for a lovely experience Yến, it was truly unforgettable.

Yen and Vu Chu Monthly Meeting of September 2023 - Autumn has arrived in Hanoi

Welcome to Hanoi

Autumn has arrived in Hanoi, and our team is looking forward to enjoying the season. Due to Joe Biden‘s visit today, some streets are blocked, but we hope to attract more travelers to Vietnam. If you have the chance to visit Hanoi, our team welcomes you!

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